Eric Thorn, rated 2204, has had a magic tournament. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

The swede Eric Thörn is a board member of Stockholm’s Chess Society who organizes Hasselbacken Chess Open. And to the club’s joy Eric has already managed to get an IM norm right here at Hasselbacken after a very strong tournament.

And his best way to celebrate this is to play against GM Alexei Shirov in round 9 on Sunday in the room for top boards among the tournament’s strongest GMs. Eric’s rating is only 2204 so this will certainly be a memorable day for the club member of Stockholm’s Chess Society.
All the drama in round 8 has given an exciting leaderboard with ten players who shares the lead with 6.5/8.
Who will be the King of Hasselbacken on Sunday?
Pairings, 5 top boards, round 9 (all have 6.5 p):
1) GM Predojevic (2654)–GM Andreikin (2736)
2) GM Gujrathi (2648)–GM Almasi (2682)
3) GM Greenfeld (2541)–GM Smirin (2665)
4) GM Adhiban (2663)–GM Mikhalevski (2516)
5) GM van Foreest (2551)–GM Tkachiev (2660)
Pairings board 6 to 10:
6) GM Shirov (2686) 6 pts–Thörn (2204) 6 pts
7) GM Burmakin (2554) 6 pts–GM Postny (2673) 6 pts
8) GM Libiszewski (2520) 6 pts–GM Sethuraman (2658) 6 pts
9) GM Sevian (2589) 6 pts–GM Sasikiran (2643) 6 pts
10) IM Kjartansson (2547) 6 pts–GM Bachmann (2621) 6 pts