[cap tion id="attachment_358" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Världspressen om Hasselbacken Chess Open. Världspressen om Hasselbacken Chess Open.[/caption]

Schackpress om Hasselbacken Chess Open

    CHESSDOM Turneringen Alexei Shirov Igor Lysyj Lysyj-interview Nils Grandelius Vladislav Tkachiev S.P. Sethuraman Jorden van Foreest FIDE Turneringen CHESS DAILY NEWS Turneringen Alexei Shirov Nils Grandelius Igor Lysyj S.P. Sethuraman CHESS BUSINESS Turneringen CHESS.COM Turneringen WEB 64 Alexei Shirov SCHACHPORTAL Turneringen SCHACK.SE Turneringen: Artikel 1, Artikel 2 Erik Blomqvist Alexei Shirov Inbjudan Vladislav Tkachiev Igor Lysyj Nils Grandelius Rapid Countdown to Hasselbacken Jorden van Foreest SCHACKSNACK Turneringen Alexei Shirov STOCKHOLMSSCHACK Alexei Shirov Scandic Ariadne LUNDS ASK Turneringen

1 thought on “Presslänkar”

  1. Don’t compare them with Dogs. It was more like a Dragon veurss a Knight. Dragon was not allowed to emit fire and the Knight was too good for him this day. I think Shirov’s attacking style made the games more entertaining. Some other player would have gone for some drawish lines. But not Shirov. He doesn’t mind losing but attacks at all costs. It was nice entertainment for viewers.


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